“Nashville” Season 3 fans are waiting for tons of questions to be answered when the show returns in 2015, but the fate of Layla (Aubrey Peeples) after the dramatic cliffhanger in the winter finale is probably the most anticipated of all. After Jeff (Oliver Hudson) broke up with Layla and told her to go out on tour with her husband Will (Chris Carmack), she found her husband in bed with another girl. She took the pills Jeff gave her and ended up facedown in the pool. Viewers didn’t know if Layla was dead or alive, but it seems we haven't seen the last of her just yet.

“When Nashville returns in the new year, expect to see the fake couple's fake marriage end in a real divorce,” E! Online reports.

Being that divorce isn’t really something that’s necessary when someone is dead, we'll take that to mean she’ll be pulled out of the pool in the nick of time. Unfortunately for Will, that means the rumors about his sexuality likely won’t stop. He only slept with that random girl because she accused him of being gay, and he thought he would prove people wrong. However, getting a divorce will probably reignite the rumors.

Layla’s survival is good news for Jeff. The slimy record executive didn’t call an ambulance when he saw Layla in the pool. Even though it seemed like he had real feelings for her, he called Teddy (Eric Close), the mayor, to call in a favor. He claimed he was going to need help, but it seems he won’t have to deal with a dead recording artist. However, Layla’s survival doesn’t mean everything is fine, especially if Jeff’s feelings are real.

Showrunner Dee Johnson explained that both Will and Jeff will be forced to confront some issues when “Nashville” Season 3 returns. “I think she ended up having, intentionally or otherwise, actually, a huge impact on both of these men in surprising ways,” Johnson told the Hollywood Reporter. “And then obviously, as a result of that, ended up being some form of collateral damage in the episode. So there's certainly a lot to unpack after that … for all parties.”

Will is obviously going to have to deal with the end of his marriage. Although it was fake, it was the best cover up for his sexuality. Conversely, Jeff will probably have to deal with having actual feelings for one of his artists. However, they may have both lost one of their only friends. Layla probably isn’t going to be happy when she recovers. She’s definitely leaving Will, but will she leave Jeff and Edgehill Records too?

“Nashville” Season 3 returns to ABC on Wednesday, Feb. 4, at 10 p.m. EST. How do you think the divorce will affect Will and Layla? Sound off in the comments section below!