“Nashville” Season 3 episode 3 kept the baby drama coming. In episode 2, Juliette (Hayden Panettiere) discovered that Avery (Jonathan Jackson) was the father of her baby, and she couldn’t go through with her abortion. Now the starlet has to live with the side effects of her pregnancy while keeping it a secret from everyone in her life. That’s kind of hard when she is always on the go with her music and newfound acting career.

Juliette was dealing with a lot of morning sickness, and Avery wasn’t returning her phone calls. Her manager Glenn (Ed Amatrudo) became very suspicious as she kept locking herself in the bathroom. Her rehearsal only made him more suspicious. Juliette clearly wasn’t on top of her game. She claimed Zoe (Chaley Rose) was singing the wrong words and ran out of the rehearsal.

Juliette came home and found Glenn and Emily (Kourtney Hansen) searching through her bedroom. They were looking for drugs, and Juliette reminded them that they aren’t her family. They’re her employees.

Luke (Will Chase) and Rayna (Connie Britton) have officially started doing publicity together to tell everyone about their upcoming marriage. At a meeting with their teams, they were offered endorsements, Christmas albums and even their own line of teddy bears. Their teams also gave them their choices of wedding dates, but their tour schedules conflicted. The only dates available were in November or summer 2016.

Deacon (Charles Esten) said goodbye to Maddie (Lennon Stella) before he went on tour and promised her a fishing trip for the first weekend in November, but Rayna told Maddie that the wedding would be that weekend. Maddie was angry that Rayna wasn’t marrying Deacon and revealed that her father told her about his proposal.

Luke wasn’t happy that Deacon told Maddie about the proposal, and he was even less happy that Rayna wanted to push back the date. Rayna told him that they had to consider a lot of other people, but Luke wanted her to consider him. In response, he decided to cut Deacon’s set down to 15 minutes.

Zoe found Gunnar (Sam Palladio) and told him that her rehearsal was canceled. She got together with Gunnar and a very drunk Avery to play a gig called “Barn-aroo” and Scarlett (Clare Bowen) came out to watch them. Avery sang a scathing song about Juliette, but Scarlett didn’t stay for much of it.

She went outside and found Maddie drinking and kissing some guy with a cup of alcohol in her hand. Scarlett decided to bring her cousin home. Scarlett advised Maddie not to worry about feeling like an outsider but put it into a song. Scarlett promised to keep the incident a secret.

Gunnar ran into an old girlfriend, Kylie (Alexa PenaVega). She hadn’t seen him in years and asked about his brother. Gunnar lied about Jason being alive. Gunnar went to see Kylie at her waitressing job the next day. She revealed that her parents sent her away after they thought Gunnar was a bad influence. He came clean to her when he visited Kylie at work the next day.

Juliette was still keeping her secrets when she met Noah West (Derek Hough) at her screen test. He asked about her acting experience. She said she had no professional experience, “but I’ve done my fair share of pretending.”

To celebrate, Noah offered her a drink and she said she was cutting back. Her response was the same when he tried to kiss her. She told him she was sick and left him alone.

Will (Chris Carmack) wished that his wife would leave him alone. He and Layla (Aubrey Peebles) were supposed to do a duet. Jeff (Oliver Hudson) pulled him aside right before he went onstage and told him that he needed to please his teenage fans. He shouldn’t bring his wife out. Layla reminded Will that he had to support her. “I may be gay, but you are insane,” Will told her.

Layla took her threat to Jeff. She blackmailed him and told him that she would out Will if Edgehill didn’t release her record. As their biggest star, he couldn’t have a scandal.

Luke is the only artist at Edgehill that seemed to be thriving without any threats. Rayna surprised Luke onstage, and he played a new song for her. When Luke asked the audience if they minded him serenading his fiancée, Deacon left the stage. He found Juliette backstage. Deacon was in too much of a rage to have a heart to heart with Juliette and gave her two options: tell Avery everything or cut him loose.

Deacon met Pam (Brette Taylor) earlier, and she complimented his new album. However, he didn’t seem interested in talking to her. Still, she showed up at his hotel after the show.

“You got to be the only damn woman in the world who doesn’t know I’m in love with Rayna Jaymes,” Deacon said. Pam kissed him and he brought her into his hotel room.

Rayna wasn’t thinking much about Deacon though. She and Luke decided to merge their tours into “The Hooneymoon Tour,” and Rayna discovered her name tattooed on Luke’s forearm. She seemed happy about the permanent mark on his arm.

Juliette had to tell Avery about their new permanent addition. She was practicing her speech about her pregnancy in the car when she saw Avery pull up. Some girl he met at his show drove him home and went inside with him. He sent her away pretty quickly, but Juliette couldn’t talk to him about her secret pregnancy right then.

Juliette went to Rayna’s house to wait on her doorstep. Rayna came back in the morning and found Juliette there. The younger girl said that she was the only one she could talk to.

“I thought you might understand,” Juliette said. She showed Rayna a sonogram picture.

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