National Do a Grouch a Favor Day is upon us once again!

Do you have an angry friend, colleague or boss who is just in a bad mood all the time? Always complaining about the weather, the food, the gas prices or something completely inane. Well, Feb. 16 is the day to cheer them up. Reach out and do something nice for that grouch in your life.

The British address their anger issues with National Awareness Week. The week is to a time to learn to take control of people's emotions and behavior.

The reasons for the National Anger Awareness Week is to increase understanding of the underlying causes of anger and equip people to reduce their own, and other's, anger in an effective way, according to the website.

There are hundreds of ways to cheer up a grouch! Here are six favorites:

-          Consider buying a grouch flowers.

-          Listening to their problems

-          Treating them to lunch or dinner

-          Maybe go for a catch in the park

-          Go see a movie with a grouch

-          Help them out however you can

You don't need a grand gesture to cheer up a grouch. Sometimes you need to lend a helping hand.