It's National Margarita Day in America, folks.

That's right, the tequila-heavy cocktail, commonly mixed with orange-flavored liqueur, lime juice and (optional) salt, is being celebrated in our nation on Wednesday, Feb. 22.

According to Reuters, the US is the largest tequila market in the world.

In fact, the annual World Margarita Championship just celebrated its sixth year in Tucson, AZ. The festivities crowned Tequila Avion as the best tequila in the world. And that's quite the achievement, considering the brand has only been around since 2010.

We couldn't be more pleased knowing that Avion makes the World's Greatest Margarita . . . it's especially meaningful because I set out to create the smoothest, most delicious ultra-premium tequila in the world and this recognition, along with many others since our launch, continues to validate the fact that we've hit the mark, Tequila Avion founder Ken Austin said of the win.

Tequila Avion, a private company, was most recently ranked as the seventh most popular ultra-premium tequila brand out of 70 competitors, CNBC reported in December 2011.  

According to, a margarita is the most common tequila based drink in the US.

National Margarita Day was started to celebrate the margarita, plain and simple. Friendship, good times and memories of somewhere warmer are all great reasons to enjoy a margarita, according to the Web site's mandate.

Across the US, selected restaurants are participating in National Margarita Day with special deals. has a good list that Abuelo's Mexican Restaurants and the Pink Taco at the Hard Rock Café in Las Vegas. The Village Voice in New York, meanwhile, has a helpful tip sheet on how to cure that margarita-induced hangover.

Those celebrating at home can bask in the best margarita in the world, made of course, with the best tequila in the world. Here's the recipe, courtesy of Tequila Avion:Tamarindo Margarita 

2 oz. Tequila Avion Silver 1 oz. Grand Marnier 1/2 oz. lime juice 1/2 oz. orange juice 1/2 tsp. tamarindo puree 1 tsp. sugar Rim glass with coarse salt and chili powder Lime wheel and tamarindo peel for garnish

Combine Tequila Avion, Grand Marnier, lime juice, orange juice, tamarindo puree and sugar in a blender canister with cup of ice. Blend thoroughly and serve in a Margarita glass rimmed with coarse salt and chili powder. Garnish with a lime wheel and speared tamarindo peel.

Tamarino puree: To make enough puree to prepare four Margaritas, begin with 11/2 pounds of fresh tamarindos. Boil the fruit for approximately 45 minutes or until they are tender. Allow the fruit to cool and strain to remove the seeds. Add 1/2 tsp. of salt and sugar and then blend the fruit pulp until a puree.

(Specialty of Gustavo del Toro and La Fuente Restaurant, Tuscon, AZ).