With her rainbow hair, sharp lounge and no holds-barred-attitude, English singer and songwriter Neon Hitch is certainly not an artist that fades into the background.

But there is much more to this dancepop icon than her wild child appearance. Neon is a poet a heart and definitely knows a killer beat when she hears one.

In 2010, Neon signed to Warner Bros. Records and soon released her first promo single "Get Over U", co-written by singer Sia. The track was followed by "Silly Girl", "Bad Dog" and "Poisoned with Love", the latter which appeared in the series "Teen Wolf" and the compellation album "Now That's What I Call Music!" 40. She also released a series of covers and mash-up covers of songs by other artists, including Wiz Khalifa's "On My Level", Waka Flocka Flame's "No Hands" and Kreayshawn's "Gucci Gucci". Hitch was also featured on "Ass Back Home" by Gym Class Heroes, which has peaked at number twelve in the Billboard Hot 100.

In 2012 Hitch released "F*** U Betta"and"Gold", co-written by singer Bruno Mars. Both songs peaked at #1 on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Songs charts.

In the following years, Neon released a number of mix tapes including "Happy Neon" and "301 to Paradise" and appeared on Cash Cash's song "Devil" along with B.o.B and Busta Rhymes.

Her new album "Anarchy" is out now and features the smash sing "Please."

"This is the first thing that really feels like it's me," she said.

We sat down with Neon Hitch in Los Angeles where we talked about her new music, her signature style and where she loves to shop in West Hollywood.  Check out the exclusive video above.