NBC's Community returned for a second episode on Thursday night following a 3-month long hiatus enforced by the network in what seemed at the time to be the show getting cancelled. The second episode since the show's triumphant return following an outpouring of support from fans both online and in the form of flash-mobs at Rockefeller center was full of the wacky antics and insane plot twists that Community is known for as the cast was forced to dress up as movie stars and work a bar-mitzvah party while each individual character went through their own personal trials.

The episode starts off in the study room where we learn that Jeff (Joel McHale) has been prescribed a new medication that is making him even more narcissistic that normal. Britta, who's just enrolled in her second Psychology course attempts to warn him that he's at risk for some made-up condition. Suddenly a cop runs into the room and points a gun at Abed, calling him a fugitive. Troy explains that the whole thing is fake, and that Abed has been on an unusual bender recently after realizing that he could hire celebrity look-a-likes to re-enact classic movie scenes with him. The scene ends when Chang, who is currently Greendale's only security guard, attempts to control the situation by shooting the actor.

We later find out that Abed has incurred some serious debts with his new obsessions. The owner (played by French Stewart) of the business explains to Troy that Abed owes some serious money, and that if he doesn't get paid he'll break Abed's legs. To pay off Abed's debts the entire gang has to work at a bar-mitzvah while impersonating celebrities. They all agree, but only Troy knows what the consequences will be if they mess up.

Before the party Britta warns Jeff that if he doesn't stop taking his new pills his ego will swell up until it bursts, causing a mental breakdown. At the party each main character is placed in a different 'sector' to entertain hosts. Abed pretends to be Jamie Lee Curtis. Jeff plays Ryan Seacrest. Shirley is Oprah. Troy and Britta are Michael Jackson before and after surgery, and Pierce is forced to play a fat, old Marlin Brando, although he argues he'd make a better Burt Reynolds.

Despite one thing after another going wrong the gang somehow makes it through the bar-mitzvah and pays off Abed's debt, but when Troy comes home later that night he finds Abed re-enacting Patch Adams with a Robin Williams impersonator. The two have a fight and as the episode ends it looks like they may be parting ways.