The mother of a 3-year-old boy and her boyfriend who had been on the run for two weeks were arrested in Florida Wednesday for allegedly physically abusing the child, police said.

Plaistow, N.H, residents Jessica Linscott, 23, and her boyfriend Roland Dow, 27, were apprehended at Universal Studios where they had been watching a parade, the Boston Globe reported.  

Linscott’s son had burn marks on his wrists and fingers and suffered significant head injuries, and the police had been searching for the couple.

The couple left the kid at the Exeter Hospital in Exeter, N.H., two weeks ago and the hospital authorities informed the police. 

Dow has been charged with assaulting the kid while Linscott is facing misdemeanor charges of endangerment.

According to the police, Dow struck the child on the head causing grave injuries to the toddler and burnt his wrist and fingers. The mother had not sought medical help when the child suffered from seizures as a result of the head injuries, Fox News reported.

The police said that the tip-offs from the public had helped them track the couple. The couple was on the run despite the repeated requests from the authorities to turn themselves in.

"We were feeling pretty confident 24 hours ago that we were going to have them soon," County Attorney Jim Reams said Wednesday.

The authorities received multiple tip-offs from the public who reported sighting the couple in different areas. The marshals reportedly hunted down the couple in one of the attractions in the theme park. They were moving along with the crowd and looked surprised when the police approached them, Fox News reported.

The child has been shifted to the Children's Hospital at Dartmouth in Lebanon, N.H. for better treatment and is recovering after a surgery.