What's going on in Seffner, Fla.?

That's the question the world is asking now that a new sinkhole has opened up behind a house in Seffner, the same Florida town where a man was swallowed by a sinkhole last week.

The second hole, coming in at about 10 feet deep, opened up behind a home on the 1200 block of Cedar Tree Lane, but officials told WFLA News there was no structural damage to the home nor injuries reported.

The new sinkhole was discovered in the Tampa suburb around 4 p.m. EST Monday, WFLA reported, and crews were on the scene attempting to determine what had caused the second dangerous sinkhole in several days in Hillsborough County.

The second sinkhole is less than two miles from one that opened up below the bedroom of Jeff Bush, sucking him into the ground, where he still had not been found before authorities called off the search, according to CBS News.

His brother, Jeremy, jumped into the hole in an attempt to save Jeff from being sucked to his death, but was almost immediately almost entirely enveloped by dirt and had to be saved by a responding officer.

Florida is very susceptible to sinkholes because much of it is above super-porous limestone and the heavy development in many areas of the state puts a lot of strain on the ground, weakening it and increasing the chance of sinkholes opening up and sucking things into the earth.