Nicki Minaj seems to have had a change of heart toward her hip-hop nemesis Lil' Kim.
During a recent interview with New York City's Hot 97 radio station, Minaj named New York rappers Remy Ma, Foxy Brown and Kim as her inspirations while growing up. 
"It's no disrespect to any other female rappers, but those are the ones I felt like, 'Oh, OK - I could get into that'. They sounded like me when I spoke and I just thought they really made an impact."
The "High School" rapper added she admired the quirkiness of the artists Missy Elliott and Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez. 
"But I always loved Missy, because she was playful. Missy and Left Eye weren't afraid to be goofy at times and I loved that as well," she said.
The positive words about Kim might come as a surprise for Minaj's fans, though. The two rappers had previously been wrapped in a colorful feud that included scores of cryptic, catty tweets as well as a several diss tracks from Lil' Kim.
Though most of Minaj's shots have been fairly subtle --who can forget her manic single "Stupid Hoe" --  Lil' Kim has always been more blatant in sharing her distaste for Miss Minaj. She even went as far as depict herself sitting beside a headless Minaj on the cover of her 2009 mixtape Black Friday.
But even though she once called Kim "a sore loser," Minaj now says petty feuds are no longer worth her time. 
"I don't have beef with anybody -- let me just say that," Minaj told Hot 97.  "Life is too short. Nothing is ever that serious."
Minaj recently made headlines after her eye-popping performance of her single "High School" at The Billboard Awards. She concluded the performance by giving Lil' Wayne a racy lap dance after he finished his verse on the song. The dance break was definitely one of the more memorable moments of the night. 
The song is featured on Minaj's album "Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded." The album debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart, making it her second chart-topping album according to