Nokia today announced that it had extended its WCDMA 3G network frame agreement with Taiwan Mobile (TWM), “to cover the Nokia High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) solution and the new Nokia Flexi WCDMA Base Station,” a statement said.

The contract allows TWM, utilising Nokia technology to, make more efficient use of its base station sites and be better equipped to provide high speed, quality services.

Nokia has maintained its position as the only provider of the WCDMA 3G network for TWM, and will provide TWM with 3,000 base stations for its radio network.

Harvey Chang, President and CEO of TMW said in a statement, As the first wireless operator to launch 3G services using WCDMA 3G technology in Taiwan, Taiwan Mobile is pleased to continue our cooperation with Nokia to constantly improve our network capability and keep abreast of mobile technology developments for offering the most customer centric solutions and services,

General Manager, Hong Kong and Taiwan Networks, Nokia said, We are honored to continue as TWM's WCDMA 3G supplier. The agreement further underlines our leadership in mobile networks.