On October 30th, Nokia Siemens Communications Corporation (Nokia Siemens) declared that they will fire 350 people in China before year 2008, which is the part of their global restructuring plan.

Currently, Nokia Siemens has about 5,500 people staffs in Greater China.

In year 2006, Nokia and Siemens announced the merger of the two sides' network equipment departments to set up Nokia Siemens Communications Corporation, each holds 50% shares. The new company also announced a 1.5 billion Euros (about 2.2 billion US dollars) of layoffs, including layoff nine thousand people in the whole world.

Since year 2007, Nokia Siemens have announced the layoff plan in the main markets, including the layoff of 2,800-2,900 people in Germany (the total number of employees for 13,000) and 1,500-1,700 people in Finland. According to reports, in the first half year of 2007, Nokia Siemens has fired 300 people in China, mainly in customer and market operations (CMO), the service sector and corporate functions sector.