Little North West’s reaction to her mom Kim Kardashian West filming her is hilarious. The reality TV star took a video of her two-year-old daughter and shared it with her 60.6 million followers on Instagram Monday. The adorable video of Nori has received one million likes and 60,541 comments.

The video clip shows Nori wrapped up in pink fur reclining on a makeshift bed. She is wearing a gray tracksuit, a pair of brown Ugg ankle-length boots and a disgruntled look at the camera pointing at her face. The tot’s reaction was very typical like her dad, Kanye West.

“Why don’t you want...?” her mom asks but is interrupted with a resolute “No!” “ No what?” Kim teased her mini-me daughter North. “No pictures!” said North snapping at her mom. The little girl then climbs down the couch and walks out. “Oh, oh, oh, my bed, my bed!” the little girl cried as the cushions fell apart.

Nori’s hair is styled into a tightly pulled back high bun in the video, which is her favorite hairstyle. The entire episode seemed to be funny for Kim’s younger sister Kendall Jenner, who was watching her little niece. The 20-year-old model laughed and said that it was “amazing.”

This is not the first time Nori has shut down someone for taking a picture of her. In October the toddler reacted sharply while going to her ballet classes. Kim Kardashian West’s cute daughter tottered into a dance class in her favorite hairstyle and sported a custom Balmain khaki jacket. But, little Nori also hit out at the paparazzi with: “I said no pictures.”

The tot was accompanied by her nanny for her ballet classes at Miss Melodee Studios in Tarzana, in Los Angeles. Her ballerina-inspired look was completed with a matching pair of ballet flats and her blazer was embellished with gold buttons.