Norwegian public radio network NRK planned to present a podcast for 200 plus episodes each featuring a different song by the Beatles however only managed to give away only 14, reported Reuters.

Essentially the podcasts would have constituted in giving away the entire Beatles catalog for free.

The Beatles' music company Apple has yet to seal a deal to release the band’s catalog for download.

NRK believed it would be possible thanks to an agreement with the International Federation of the Photographic Industry trade group. The deal allowed podcasts to made out of radio shows broadcast the previous four weeks.

The NRK network had to remove in accordance with the contract because the podcasts were taken from NRK program, Our Daily Beatles, aired in 2007.

It has recently been reported that a Norwegian broadcasting company, NRK, will make Beatles music available for download via a series of podcasts. These podcasts are not authorized by Apple Corps Ltd, according to a statement from the Beatles' Apple Corps Ltd posted on the Web site