Novozymes, the world's leading maker of industrial enzymes, said on Monday it sees Brazil's ethanol exports doubling by 2020 as the country ramps up production of next generation bio-ethanol.

The company said in a statement it estimated Brazilian export revenues from ethanol would rise to $4 billion annually.

Novozymes, which sells enzymes that turn crops such as corn, soya and sugarcanes into bio-ethanol products, expects to win a market share above 50 percent in the next-generation Brazilian ethanol market, company spokesman Johan Melchior said.

Novozymes' estimates for the Brazilian market are based on a report, which Novozymes Chief Executive Officer Steen Risgaard will present later Monday at an Ethanol Summit in Sao Paolo.

Risgaard told Reuters separately the company expects it can secure a price of at least 20-60 cents per gallon (3.79 liters) for the company.

The company said in a statement it expects the total annual ethanol output in Brazil in 2020 to be between 4.6 and 8.2 billion liters.

This is a very conservative estimate, he said. Brazil could easily get there sooner, and the sooner they get there, the stronger a chance they have to capture the European ethanol market.

Novozymes' technical enzymes business, which includes fuel enzymes, generated a total revenue of 2.48 billion Danish crowns ($466.1 million) in 2008.

The company expects to launch its first enzyme for industrial scale production of second generation bioethanol in 2010.

($1=5.320 Danish Crown)

(Reporting by Peter Levring)