Nvidia Corp. posted higher-than-expected revenue on Thursday, but said it would have to postpone a detailed earnings report due to an ongoing investigation from the SEC.

The Santa Clara-Calif.-based company said revenue for the quarter ending June 30 was $687.5 million, up 20 percent from the $574.8 million a year earlier. Wall-Street analysts widely expected $687 million.

CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang, attributed the growth to strong performance across all of its lines, including desktop, notebook, and handheld graphic processors.

The GPU (graphics processing unit) is becoming increasingly important in a broad range of computing and consumer devices, he said. We are excited about our growth opportunities ahead.

Additionally, the company said the its stock option grants are cureently being investigated by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Outside legal counsel was helping with the investigation, which had reached a preliminary conclusion that the dates some stock option grants had been recorded were incorrect.

The ongoing investigation means the company won’t report earnings for the quarter ended in July tonight or by the Sept. 13 extension that it is allowed.