A booze cruise in New York's Hudson River went sour Saturday after the tour company's sailboat got stuck near the Statue of Liberty, WABC, New York, reported. More than 100 passengers and crew were aboard.

The boat, which is a 19th-century style boat that’s 158 feet long and 120 feet high, left Battery Park at noon for a craft-beer tasting cruise, the New York Daily News reported. The vessel got stuck about 1 p.m., the U.S. Coast Guard said. There were no injuries, but nine vessels from the Coast Guard were needed to offload 121 passengers and nine crewmembers to the North Cove Marina, the newspaper said.

It reportedly took 90 minutes to get everyone off the boat owned by tour company Manhattan By Sail. "He got stuck on the reef, and then all of a sudden the boat stopped and nothing was happening," passenger Brandy Hamm told WABC. "Then the police came and got us and took us back to shore and it was fine."

“It was scary going from the schooner to the police boat to the rescue boat because the water was very choppy,” Mary Ann Bennett told the Daily News. “The police boat was rocking back and forth.”

The Craft Beer and Tasting Sail,” which takes place on the Clipper City, costs $65 for the one-hour, 45-minute cruise.

“Our president is working closely with our captain to deal with this as best as possible," a manager at Manhattan By Sail, who declined to give her name, told the Daily News. “My main priority is to contact our customers and make sure they're taken care of.”

The incident affected a bride and groom who booked the same boat for 5 p.m. They planned to exchange their vows near the Statue of Liberty with the New York skyline as their background, but were shocked to find out it was canceled. "This was the thing she was most excited about,” wedding guest Jenny Fiechter told Eyewitness News.

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