The NYC subway has been getting back online steadily since hurricane Sandy shut down the system on Oct. 28.

Most lines are fully functional, but there are still some that require water pumping, the clearing of debris and repairs, including the G and L lines.

The New York Observer reports that the Newtown Creek tunnel of the G line has been pumped, but rail signals need to be repaired and tested before the train is allowed to run again.

The MTA quickly got most trains back online quickly after the hurricane. The 2/3 and 4/5/6 lines were among the first to be running at full capacity. The Observer suggests that these lines were restored first because they received the least flooding, and because they carry the most people.

The L line reportedly received the most floods, and thus was left last for pumping, as was the G line.

However; according to the MTA subwat recovery map, as of Nov. 6, the L line is running locally between Broadway Junction Station and Rockaway Parkway Station. The G line remains completely suspended.

The MTA says it is working to get the lines fully functional as soon as possible.

“The MTA is very much aware of the difficult commute for our customers who usually take the G and L trains, as well as the crowding at the Marcy Avenue station,” MTA spokesman Adam Lisberg told the Observer in an email.

 “Getting the G and L running again is our highest priority, and crews are working around the clock on both.”

In the mean while, Brooklyn commuters can take the B62 into Manhattan. The Observer suggests taking the B43 into Queens and then the No. 7 train to Midtown as an alternative.

As of Nov. 6, service to the A line has been restored between 168th Street and Inwood-207th St., making the Inwood to Lefferts Blvd. line of the A fully functional, and subsequently the C line fully functional from 168th Street to Euclid Ave.

There remains no A service to Rockaway Boulevard Station and the Rockaways.