Apple opened the floodgates of iPhone 4S on Friday, at 8 a.m. local time in US, UK, Canada, France and Germany following Japan and Australia in rolling out the company's flagship smartphone in retail stores.

Upon the new iPhone's landing, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak was reportedly in line at an Apple store in Los Gatos, California, since Thursday afternoon, awaiting to occupy an iPhone 4S himself. Wozniak told NBC11 that he would stay overnight outside the store for the device, though he has two new phones on the way. 

The long wait begins. I'm first in line. The guy ahead was on the wrong side and he's pissed. (@ Apple Store) , Wozniak tweeted on Thursday.


The iPhone 4S was unveiled on Oct. 4, just a day before Apple's co-founder and visionary Steve Jobs died after a long battle with pancreatic cancer.

As a tribute to Jobs, the 4S quickly broke the company's preorder record last Friday by topping one million in a single day, pushing up Apple's shares by more 10 per cent to be the world's most valuable company. 

Preorders were sold out at AT&T, Sprint and Verizon, as a new iPhone goes on sale on multiple carriers at once for the first time. 

On top of Apple store and the carriers' retail stores, you can expect long lines in front of retailers like Best Buy, Sam's Club, Target and Radio Shack.


At Apple's flagship store on Fifth Avenue, Manhattan, the first iPhone 4S occupiers have stayed there since Sept. 26. Jessica Mellow and Keenan Thompson of New York have since then live-blogged their long and, apparently, exciting wait.

Join Keenen and Jessica as they wait in line for whatever product Apple hasn't announced yet. Setting up camp outside Apple's flagship store on 5th Avenue in New York City, they will first await the October 4th announcement of the product in question, and continue to wait until that product is released. For the duration of their wait, you can follow them on this blog, as well as on Facebook, and interact via AIM and Skype. Will the elusive iPhone 5 be revealed, as many are hoping? Nobody knows, but they will be the first in line for whatever product it is, and live blogging the whole experience, the iPhone Whatever bloggers introduced their agenda on the blog.

In London, over 300 Apple fans lined up in front of the largest Apple store in the world. In Japan, the iPhone rolled out as the first iPhone to be sold by multiple carriers, according to The Wall Street Journal.


With the worldwide swirls of iPhone 4S sensations, the demand for the Apple smartphone proves to be rising. Most estimates for the iPhone 4S sales this weekend range from 2 million to 3 million, while Yankee Group analyst Carl Howe expects the iPhone 4S sale to reach as high as 4 million, reports The massive demand drawn by the new iPhone prompted Apple to throw another 5 million iPhone 4S orders with  Pegatron Technology, alleged sources in the supply chain, an 50 per cent increase from the company's initial 10 million orders.

Initially, Pegatron, a supplier of Apple along with Foxconn, was not supposed to start shipping units to Apple until 2012, according to AllThingsD.

With the unexpected blossoming of iPhone 4S, Apple's dominance in the smartphone market in the post-Steve Jobs era looks to endure, at least for a while.