The Occupy Wall Street Protest has somewhat succeeded. 

It boasts several hundred protesters camped at a park nearby Wall Street and has lasted 16 days.

Still, it's not a huge success yet. It's not close to having the impact of the 1963 March on Washington or the U.S. labor movement in the early 20th century.

Below are five things that could propel the movement to the next level.

1. Get Bigger

If there are a few hundred people protesting, it's possible for the government to ignore the movement.  If there are 10,000 people protesting - which is only a fraction of the New York City population - it would be impossible to ignore.

The Occupy Wall Street movement could benefit from a more dedicated PR and outreach team to convince more people to physically join in.

It also badly needs more financial backers to pay for transportation, food, shelter, and other basic necessities.

2. Sound More Mainstream

Typical signs at the protest read something like Populism, Not Corporatocracy or End Corporate Welfare.

These messages are too nebulous and not relevant enough to the American public.  Words like populism actually alienate many people.

What the movement should focus on is unemployment and other specific and concrete financial difficulties of the American public (senior poverty, foreclosures, etc.)

3.  Look More Mainstream

The Occupy Wall Street crowd is mostly young and dresses like so-called hippies.

Thus, it's easy for the media, the general public, and politicians to dismiss it as a movement of hippies, anarchists, and other fringe groups.

The protesters should, at the minimum, dress business casual. 

During the Civil Rights movement, African Americans often protested in their Sunday church-going attire.

4. Get More Celebrity Involvement

Whenever a celebrity like Michael Moore shows up, mainstream media is obligated to cover it. Mere rumors of a Radiohead performance attracted many fresh faces.

What the movement needs is more media coverage and bigger crowds.  Wooing celebrity endorsements and involvement accomplishes both goals.

5. Make a Big Move

So far, the movement is largely confined to people holding up signs and banging on drums at a park nearby Wall Street.

What it needs to do is get bigger and make a move; the protesters need to march to a symbolically important place. 

The police have barricaded the New York Stock Exchange, but the lower half of Wall Street is still open.

The protesters should reach out to lawyers who can negotiated and communicate with the NYPD regarding a march to a symbolically important place in the Financial District.