While "Octomom" Nadya Suleman is in rehab for a prescription drug addiction, her eldest son is facing his own problems. Suleman's son, Elijah, has filed a restraining order against the family's former nanny.

Suleman has been in rehab, at Chapman House Treatment Center in Orange, Calif,, for just over a week, reports E! News. While Suleman battles an addiction to the prescription drug Xanax, she was joined at the rehab center by an unexpected guest: her father.

Octomom's father, Ed Doud, has checked in to the same rehab center. According to a rep for Suleman, “Yes, I can confirm Ed Doud was admitted into Chapman Rehab on Wednesday,” reports E! News. Doud is currently being treated for alcohol dependency, and both Octomom and her father are enrolled in 28-day programs.

While Octomom and her father are getting the help they need, there are 14 children who still need to be looked after. Currently, Suleman has left the care to her 14 children to nannies and friends. Unfortunately her eldest son, Elijah, 11, had trouble of his own that required a restraining order.

TMZ is reporting that Elijah had to file a restraining order against the Suleman's former nanny, Gina Bryson. According to court documents, Bryson has been harassing Elijah, bombarding him with phone calls and text messages.

Bryson was apparently fired over the summer, according to what sources close to Suleman have told TMZ. Bryson was not only harassing Elijah but was also spreading rumors to media outlets, including claims that Elijah had molested his younger sisters, reports TMZ.

The restraining order prevents Bryson from being within 100 yards of Elijah or attempting any form of contact. The Sulemans have also filed restraining orders against Bryson on behalf of two other children who have been reportedly been harassed by her, notes TMZ.