An Ohio man is now carless after he claims aliens flaked on a promised space ride -- opting to take only his vehicle instead.
According to the Times Reporter, the unnamed, 28-year-old man contacted the Tuscarawas County Sherri's Office at 1:36 a.m., telling deputies he was having car trouble and couldn't locate his vehicle. 
He went on to add that "subjects not of this world" had instructed him to drive his car to a field where they would pick him up. Those he believed to be extraterrestrials were expected to arrive on a temporary airport that would appear in the field, the man claims he was was told.
The trip wasn't going to be the first for the man, who explained to Deputy Rick Morrison that "he was taken before." 
Deputies say the man informed them that he had been walking for a few hours before contacting them -- the statement was supported by the blisters deputies witnessed on his feet.
Numerous attempts were made to return the man to his home, with the sheriffs' office finally reaching the man's roommate, who said he would pick the man up. 
Morrison believes the man walked from Stark County into the neighboring Tuscarawas County. The vehicle still has not been located but deputies think it is somewhere in Stark.