One of the most popular videos on the internet this week is a short clip of two seniors learning how to operate their webcam. The video has been viewed nearly three million times over the past few days and according to search statistics the top rising keywords on YouTube are old couple computer, elderly couple can't figure out computer, older couple trying to take picture on computer, old couple trying to skype, seniors accidental video. It's also the most-shared video of the day, according to YouTube Trends Blog.

Esther and Bruce Huffman, the featured old couple of the video met a couple of years after Bruce's first wife died, at the retirement complex in which they both lived. She liked his vivacity; he thought she would be a sturdy rudder to his boundless energy, The AP reported.

Esther had bought a laptop late this summer. Already a Facebook user, she was asked by her family to try recording videos for the amusement of the grandchildren, which forced them to sit in front of the webcam and learn how to record. In August they could get the program running and managed to click on the record button.

Even though the couple stiffened after realizing that they are being recorded, their 21-year-old granddaughter, Mindy, thought the video could amuse more people. With their permission, she uploaded the file, dubbing it Webcam 101 for Seniors. By Thursday, it was nearing three million views on YouTube.

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This is actually not the first clip of its kind to draw a big audience. Back in June, Rita and Frank's similarly accidental clip also drew a following and 1.4 million views.

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