The spoils went to victor Olivia Culpo who won the Miss Universe beauty pageant Wednesday night. 

The first USA representative to win the competition in 15 years, Culpo supposedly celebrated her win with a feast fit for a queen. 


She told TMZ that once she returned to her room at the Planet Hollywood hotel in Las Vegas, she gorged on a "giant" portion of penne pasta with chicken and red sauce, bread, and half a cupcake.


According to the gossip website, Culpo also wanted to munch on some cookie dough ice cream, but wasn't able. 


After following a strict diet for several months to show off her svelte abs during the swimsuit segment, her feast seems well deserved.  


Culpo also told TMZ that she plans on eating a Reese's peanut butter cup "tree" very soon because those in particular have more peanut butter than the regular cups, she said. 


The Rhode Islander won her state title, which was her first beauty pageant, and went on to win the Miss USA title in June, the first title for the state of Rhode Island. 


Despite having some mishaps during the pageant, including missing a cue during the swimsuit competition and slipping in her evening gown, she beat out 88 hopefuls to win the Miss Universe title, the Boston Herald said.


Culpo attends Boston University and plans to use her platform as Miss Universe to promote HIV/AIDS awareness.