Prepare for a special two-hour extravaganza on “Once Upon a Time” when Season 4, episode 8 airs Sunday, Nov. 16. The episode, titled “Smash the Mirror,” will take viewers on an emotional rollercoaster as Emma (Jennifer Morrison) struggles with her powers and the idea she could potentially hurt someone that she loves.

Fortunately fans of the ABC fairytale drama don’t have to wait until “Smash the Mirror” airs to get a look at the action. The network released two sneak peek videos from episode 8. Watch the clips below:

Sneak Peek # 1

The first clip from Season 4, episode 8 of “Once Upon a Time” is a flashback to Elsa (Georgina Haig) and Anna (Elizabeth Lail) in Arendelle of the past. Elsa can be seen walking down the dungeon hall with a castle guard at her side -- and demanding to see her sister.

“Once Upon a Time” viewers will remember their Aunt Ingrid aka the Snow Queen (Elizabeth Mitchell) locked Anna up after accusing her of wanting to use the Sorcerer’s hat to capture Elsa’s magic. Anna had no such plans, but was locked up anyway.

The sneak peek reveals the Snow Queen was able to get into Elsa’s mind, letting her believe Anna tried to attack her when in reality it was the other way around.

“Elsa, you can’t believe anything she says,” Anna begs her sister. “She lied about her past. She’s lying about me.”

However the Snow Queen fed Elsa more lies than that. Elsa accuses her sister of keeping secrets from her -- like the powers the Sorcerer’s hat holds.

Sneak Peek # 2

The second sneak peek video from “Smash the Mirror” features Emma and Mr. Gold (Robert Carlyle). Afraid of her magic and her lack of control, The Savior asks Gold if he can do something to help.

“What makes you think I’m your best option?” Gold questions a frightened looking Emma.

After hesitating for a moment, Emma reveals the reason she went to Mr. Gold. “Because I hurt Henry,” she tells him. “He’s okay but it was just luck. You’re probably the only person who’s safe around me right now. I need you to help before I hurt anybody else.”

“There is only one way to help with this affliction,” Mr. Gold warns Emma. She immediately agrees -- even before she hears what he has to say.


“Once Upon a Time” co-creator Adam Horowitz tweeted a couple of extra episode 8 spoilers for fans. Those that follow Horowitz were treated to “script teases” for “Smash the Mirror.” Check out the posts below:

"Once Upon a Time" Season 4, episode 8, a two-hour special, will air on ABC on Sunday, Nov. 16, at 8 p.m. EST.