Harry Styles has changed his hairstyle for a shorter haircut. The One Direction singer’s new cut is for his new movie project.

The 22-year old musician has adopted a vintage look for his debut acting role in the movie “Dunkirk.” Styles has been photographed wearing a 1940’s hairstyle with the singer’s short hair all gelled up, E!News reported. The image appears to be taken from the filming set of the said World War II movie directed by Christopher Nolan.

Avid fans may recall that the singer has always kept his hair long and wavy that has become Styles’ signature haircut, as stated in the same report. However, the One Direction band member had cut out his hair earlier in May and donated it to charity.

In the picture, Styles looked handsome with his shorter hairstyle. He was pictured wearing a brown-colored military uniform with an olive green shirt. He was also clutching a small square bag on his left side while his right hand held onto a water bottle. The One Direction singer also had a serious look on his face as he appears to be in between takes during the film’s shooting.

The British singer’s role in the upcoming “Dunkirk” film has yet to be disclosed. The movie’s storyline is centered on a rescue operation to evacuate Allied Troops from France during the World War II. Other stars who have joined the film’s cast member list includes Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, James D’Arcy and Mark Rylance. The said film will serve as Styles first foray into acting.

Meanwhile, previous reports have hinted that the One Direction singer and songwriter may be joining the MTV TV series “Teen Wolf.” Showrunner Jeff Davis reportedly teased in an alleged interview that they were eyeing Styles to join the show. However, MTV has recently clarified the speculations to Digital Spy and stated that the alleged interview was fake.

MTV has confirmed that the “Teen Wolf” showrunner did not mention having Styles join the series in an interview. “Teen Wolf” season 6 will air on June 28 while Styles’ debut acting project “Dunkirk” will hit movie theaters on July 21, 2017.