One Direction heartthrob Zayn Malik may be doing a little too much living while he’s young. The singer had to dash out of a recent press conference in Tokyo, reportedly because he was too hung over from being up all night, the previous night.

Malik seemed fine when he strolled into the conference on Saturday, showing off a shaggy new haircut, but all was not well with the “What Makes You Beautiful” singer, the Examiner reported. In the middle of the conference, Malik had to make a mad dash offstage to throw up.

“Zayn had been rubbing his tummy, then suddenly took a deep breath and dashed off stage because he felt so unwell. The others were concerned for a while, until [Niall Horan] checked with management to make sure he’d be okay,” a source for the publication said. “They moved up to take his seat away so it didn't look too weird, while Zayn went back to his hotel to recover."

If 1Ders are concerned over Zayn’s well-being, they can rest easy. Several reports suggested the singer had simply partied too hard with his bandmates the night before.

Some initially speculated that adjusting to Japanese culture’s love for raw fish was the real culprit. Last Thursday, Zayn’s bandmate Niall Horan tweeted a photo of a plate of raw fish to his followers, with the caption, “Amazing sashimi we had yesterday! Incredible!”

Sources for the British tabloid the Mirror suggested that the illness likely had more to do with the band’s excursions the previous night at a karaoke bar.

“We had a great night, it was loadsa fun,” Zayn’s bandmate, Liam Payne, said. “We sang lots of songs, in particular some Jay-Z, there was a 50 Cent number, the Baha Men ...”

Neither Zayn nor a press rep for the band explained what was the source of his illness.