One Tree Hill's new and final season has started with a bang. Season 9 picked up on Wednesday with a jump forward in time where Haley is identifying a body in a morgue -- an identity that is yet to be revealed.

But when?

E! Online claims we will find out by around the 10th episode in the season, and when we do we will be completely shocked, according to the online magazine. It's not so much who dies, but how it happens that is pretty amazing. And selfless. And good, says E! Online.

With Nathan missing, the most obvious prediction would be that he is the one who died, but according to it has been confirmed that he appear in the show's final episode.

Another candidate is Lucas. After two absent seasons, Chad Michael Murray is back in character. In this season he comes back to help his Haley with her children during Nathan's absence. Popular speculation suggests Lucas will be the one who dies after selflessly recuing Nathan from danger.

Dan and Chris also feature in one of the future scenes, with Dan armed telling Chris to leave the killing to him. Rumors suggest he will die in a rescue attempt.

Spoilers released by CW don't give away much on who dies, but we find out that Haley will receive news of a possible tragedy. Dan's search for Nathan will bring back elements of his dark past and Clay will undergo a breakthrough in his treatment, according to

Meanwhile, One Tree Hill fans seem delighted to have Chad Michael Murray back on screen, although some complained that his appearance was too brief in the last episode. He meets Haley and Jamie and that's it?! What about Brooke? #OTH tweeted April Adams.

Murray seems happy to be back as well. In an interview with CW he says, Just seeing their faces and being able to work with them and just seeing how much everyone has grown is so fulfilling.

As far as Lucas and the changes he is going through, he is more peaceful and he is not in as much turmoil as he used to be. He is at ease living with Peyton and Sawyer, Murray added.

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