Palm Inc.’s (NASDQ: PALM) Treo 680 smartphone will be available on Orange France's Business Services, the companies announced on Monday.

The Treo 680 features software tailored for business users, including the ability to receive email and manage schedules. Combined with Orange's data backbone, users who purchase the phone will be able to receive and send Outlook email, calendar informatin and contacts.

Orange Business Services France is pleased to introduce the new generation of Palm OS Treo smartphone in its portfolio, said Jean-Marie Culpin, vice president, Orange France Business Services.

Known for its ease-of-use, Palm's Treo 680 will run on the Palm operating system - software first pioneered in Palm's Pilot line of personal digital assistants.

Shares of Palm rose slightly in mid-day trading, increasing .21 percent, or $0.03 cents on the NASDAQ stock exchange.

Orange France is a division of France Telecom.