There wasn’t a dry eye in the house when “Orange Is the New Black” actress Uzo Aduba took the stage during the 2015 Primetime Emmy Awards Sunday night to receive the accolade for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama. The artist, who portrays the beloved role of Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren, delivered a raw and emotional acceptance speech, thanking everyone for their support from the fans of the Netflix series to her family.

However, Aduba revealed in the press room shortly after receiving the honor that there was one person in particular who was responsible for causing her eyes to swell with tears. According to the actress, she became emotional during her speech, which could arguably be dubbed the most inspiring of the night, because of Jenji Kohan, the mastermind behind to critically acclaimed drama.

“This is actually the first time she’s been in the room [while receiving the award] – and I think that’s what got me started getting so emotional,” the performer told reporters. “Because I looked and I could see her. And it wasn’t me thanking from the day after or sending an email of thanks or getting an email from her. I was just looking out and I could say it to her right then. And I could see her. And she’s just such a steady light on our show and a guide – more than just a creator, executive producer, writer—she is a force… a sprit force on our show that is very settling for all of us. So it felt extra special to give her that thanks that she so deserves and that I feel daily for her tonight with her live.”

Aduba kicked off her sincere speech by expressing her gratitude and adoration for the showrunner.

“I really just want to say thank you a thousand times. If I could say thank you a thousand times it would not be enough to cover the amount of thanks that I feel for you, Jenji Kohan," the Emmy-award winner said. "I love you so much. I appreciate you for putting belief back in my heart. I love you. Thank you making this show, for creating this space, for creating a platform.”

In August 2014, the actress revealed to the “Today Show” that moments before she landed the fan favorite role of Crazy Eyes, she had quit acting all together.

“The day – the very day – I got this job, I had quite acting about an hour beforehand,” Aduba reminisced. “I said, ‘Enough.’ I had been trying for [TV roles] and been hearing no. It took a lot out of me.”

In fact, the red carpet star dished that she even received a “no” from “OITNB” in regards to another role. That’s right, Aduba had originally auditioned for a “much smaller part,” according to the actress, but ended up not getting the gig. Instead, she was offered the role of Crazy Eyes, a character which has since earned her an Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series, as well as Best Supporting Actress in a Drama.

Aduba has become the second person, according to TV Guide, to win an Emmy for the same role in two genres.