We’ve got some bad news for Klamille shippers. According to reports, it doesn’t look like the star-crossed lovers will be getting intimate on Season 3 of “The Originals.” But then again, we kind of assumed that after witnessing the cringe-worthy event that happened in the sophomore installment of the hit CW series.

“It was kind of embarrassing,” Leah Pipes, who plays Cami, reminisced to TVLine about how her character was left high and dry by Klaus (Joseph Morgan) during one of their outings together. “I think she was really ready for them to have their first kiss, but then he totally ditched. I mean, bailed. Just walked right out of the room.”

And because of that, Cami will make sure not to be as vulnerable in the upcoming installment of the supernatural series, which means “setting up boundaries” with the hot hybrid.

“Cami would rather not think about him as much as she does,” the actress admitted. But of course, restricting herself from the alluring and handsome bloodsucker could potentially be hard for the psychologist. (Seriously, how can you ignore a face like Klaus'?)

So, that leads us to believe that Cami might find herself something – or should we say someone? – to distract her in the impending installment of “The Originals.” And luckily for the blond-haired heartthrob, an easy-on-the-eyes newcomer will be making their New Orleans debut in Season 3.

Entertainment Weekly confirmed in July that “Veronica Mars” actor Jason Dohring, who portrayed Logan Echolls on the mystery series, will take on the role of Detective Will Kinney, a “good natured” officer of the law who is determined to clean up the corrupt Louisiana city.

But even though the detective will be “firmly focused” on making NOLA safe, Julie Plec dished to the Hollywood Reporter that he might uncover more than just scandal in the Big Easy.

“You just never know,” the showrunner said, referring to Will forming a possible relationship with a beloved character. Considering the detective will be working closely with Cami in the upcoming installment, it’s safe to assume that Will might become a good distraction for the psychologist to help her get over Klaus.

“The Originals” will air its Season 3 premiere on Thursday, Oct. 8, at 9 p.m. EDT on the CW.