A YouTube video of an LED suit-clad night snowboarder has gone viral with the ghostlike figure garnering nearly a million views in just a few days. Fashion photographer Jacob Sutton put the video together in the French Alps, and the unique suit was made by electronics designer John Spatcher. Sutton captured the images over a three-day shoot in freezing temperatures with a Red Epic camera. The nearly $40,000 cameras are cinematic quality, and Sutton's held up in the snow well enough to capture the stunning film posted below.

I've always been excited by unusual ways of lighting things, so it seemed like an exciting idea to make the subject of the film the only light source, Sutton told design Web site Nowness.com.

The suit itself was made by a company called Flat Cat Productions, and required nearly 300 hours to get ready for the shoot. It's made of thin strips of LEDs, and they're powered by nickel-metal hydride batteries. LED's are becoming more and more common in many different uses, including flat panel displays and even street lighting. In the video, pro snowboarder William Hughes dons the LED suit to shred for our viewing pleasure.

LED's are a favored light source for many uses because they use less energy than other sources. They also have a longer life and smaller size, a very useful attribute when being worn on a human-sized suit. Tell us in the comments what your favorite use of LEDs is and what you think of the video.