Black Jack will be back in “Outlander” episode 15. The infamous British captain will once again try and persuade Jamie to surrender, but the defiant Scotsman has no intention of doing so. Meanwhile, Claire will be able to find her husband.

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A determined Claire managed to convince Dougal not to stand in the way of Jamie’s rescue and also managed to convince some of his friends from the MacKenzie clan to join her. The promo videos of the next episode reveal Claire will reach Wentworth prison to rescue her husband, but things may not go according to plan.

Fans of the franchise have been waiting to watch the events at Wentworth prison. The creator of the show and some of the cast members have previously talked about the difficult scenes ahead. The fans who have read the books on which the TV series is based know what is coming, and they have been waiting to watch the next episode with a degree of trepidation.

The promo videos of “Outlander” episode 15 show Jamie screaming in pain when Claire attempts to find him in Wentworth prison. Dougal had revealed in the previous episode the young Scotsman was caught when he attempted to make contact with the singing Sassenach.

The rescue attempt appears to have gone wrong with even Claire getting caught by Jack Randall. “You truly have a gift for showing up at the most unexpected times,” Black Jack can be heard saying to Claire in the video. None of the other Scotsmen, who accompanied her for the rescue in the previous episode, appears in the promo videos.

An angry Claire tells Jack she should have slit his throat. “I’m afraid you will come to regret that,” Jack Randall replies to Claire. The British captain has been shown to be increasingly obsessed with the character ever since he met her in the very first episode.

There are just two more episodes left in the first season of “Outlander.” Production for Season 2 is currently in full swing and the fans can expect the season to premiere in 2016. Details of the exact release date are yet to be announced by the producers.

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Source: YouTube/Outlander Italy

Source: YouTube/Outlander Italy