Three photos and a trailer of “Outlander” Season 2 apparently were shown at San Diego Comic-Con. The trailer was said to be only for the event, but the photos have been released online. Meanwhile, two videos of cast members show them promoting the TV series in interviews.

The story continues in France next season and the three photos posted on Deadline show Sam Heughan [Jamie Fraser] and Caitriona Balfe [Claire] in their new costumes. Some of the fans may already have seen these photos. The report said the first half of the next Season will be based in France and the main characters will return to Scotland in the second half.

The main plot of Season 2 will be based on the book “Dragonfly In Amber” by Diana Gabaldon. The story will focus on how Jamie and Claire will try and stop the Battle of Culloden from happening while maneuvering through the politics of the French court.

Gabaldon, executive producer Ronald Moore and the cast members have been busy promoting the show. In an interview with MTV, Heughan and Balfe played “Know Your Costar.”

When asked who Heughan gets mistaken for the most, Balfe said it was Carrot Top and explained he was the only redhead she could think of at that time. Heughan, however, thought of Mel Gibson after remembering how the actor played a Scottish warrior in the movie “Brave Heart.” Answering the same question about Balfe, both actors agreed she gets mistaken for Claire Forlani sometimes.

The cast also spoke to Yahoo. Balfe revealed Jamie is unable to wink even though he tries to do so from time to time in the books. Moore was not able to say the full name of Jamie’s sister Jenny [Laura Donnelly.] Gabaldon said the full name was Janet Flora Ellen Arabella.

“Outlander” Season 2 is set to premiere sometime in 2016. Filming of the show is currently ongoing, and the show has a set of French actors for the next season.