On Thursday police were shocked to find over 30 dead dogs, cats and a large South American lizard found dead in garbage bags along an entrance ramp to the Hutchinson River Parkway.

The bags of decomposing animals were found along the Westchester Avenue entrance ramp by a transportation department worker, reported the Journal News. The discovery was made by the worker at 9:15 a.m.

Police are currently launching an investigation. Looks like they were dumped there over a course of time, said Sgt. Edward Reich of the Westchester County Police, anywhere from a year to today or yesterday.

According to CBS News there were 35 dead animals found in 25 trash bags. None of the animals had collars or tags to identify them. Ernie Lungaro, Westchester SPCA Chief, visited the site, stating It was disturbing. Some were eaten by mice and bug infested. It was obviously a very strong odor.

Lungaro said that an autopsy will be done on three cats and two dogs by a veterinarian in Mount Vernon.

Although police currently don't know how the animals died and who left them there, one theory does exist. According to CBS News, the authorities theorize that the animals found could have been legitimately euthanized at a shelter, but given to a contractor to cremate or bury them.

The location has been processed as a crime scene, said Commissioner George Longworth.