At the Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas, Panasonic unveiled new High Definition (HD) flat screen televisions with enhanced picture quality, and a new slot for SD memory.

The HDTVs were unveiled at press conference on Sunday, one day head of the official opening of the show.

VIERA, the Japanese firm's new line of full-HD screens, will provide high quality pictures, while maintaining the natural colors, with easy connectivity, Shiro Kirajima, Panasonic's president told press.

The new line also includes a provision for built in storage, allowing consumers to store video and pictures data onto a SD memory module.

The HD plasma televisions built in sizes of 46 inch and 37.

Panasonic will offer its customers with televisions of their choice ranging from 26 inch to 65 inch, said Shiro Kitajima, Panasonic Consumer Electronics president, during the demonstration of the new LCD plasma screens at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Kitajima revealed that Panasonic being the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games official sponsor, the new High Definition televisions (HDTVs) will be used to provide high quality pictures throughout the event.

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