Eiffel Tower has been lit up in an array of colors, coinciding with the Paris Fashion Week that kicked off in the City of Lights on Wednesday. The iconic building has also come alive with various animations and the fashion week slogan of “Fashion Loves Paris.” The tower will be lit up every night until Oct. 7.

“Paris is backing its designers and fashion. It is a magnificent sector that employs many people and make people dream,” said mayor Anne Hidalgo, who was dressed in a Dior coat, about her Eiffel Tower initiative. She added that it was a commitment on the part of the city to support its fashion industry. Hidalgo said that she has plans to reprise the illuminations every season.

The glitzy week got off to a kicking start with lots of color, crystals and retro-futuristic look on the Maison Margiela runway. It gave a typical John Galiano feel with its Japanese geisha styling, stardust face paint and bouffant. His 1960s inspired Spring/Summer 2016 collection featured shift dresses and miniskirts.

Dries Van Noton’s runway had jewel-coloured and richly embroidered designs. The Belgian designer took the opportunity to pay homage to legendary Italian fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli with his wing and bird motifs. He presented his take on Madonna’s ra-ra skirts as fine slip dresses with frothy inserts of pleated tulle.

American sister from New York, Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen opted for a château outside Paris to stage a show for their top clientele, presenting their shirred chiffon mini dresses and flowing caftans against a romantic scene.