Alan Robertson will be the latest member of his family to join reality show, ‘Duck Dynasty,’ when season four of the series returns to A&E on August 14, the New York Post reported.

Robertson, the eldest son of Phil Robertson, is a pastor who is leaving his full-time job preaching at a Louisiana church to join the reality show with an aim to spread the word of God to a larger audience.

“What I do for our church — you see, it’s a pretty good-sized church — impacts a lot of people, but because of my association with the show, I’ll get to minister to a lot more people,” he told the Post. “Any person that’s an evangelist, that’s what you want to do, so I had to give this up for something possibly bigger.”

Robertson said that he is only now coming to terms with his family’s fame. The 47-year-old admitted to feeling threatened, when a fan followed him to a restroom, during a speaking engagement with his family.

His wife, Lisa, also admitted to being hesitant about putting their lives in front of a camera. “I’m just worried about coming in and not being able to perform on the spot. Everyone else has three years of experience filming,” she told the Post.

Duck Dynasty follows the lives of the Robertsons who run a family business making duck-hunting products, about 280 miles north of New Orleans, in Monroe, La. The men in the Robertson household are known for their long beards, except Alan, who is clean-shaven.

"The original purpose of the beards was to help with the wind when it's blowing in your face,” Willie Robertson, CEO of the family business Duck Commander, told Parade during an interview earlier this year.

“When you're out there in the woods hunting like we are all the time, we found that facial hair helps you to stay a lot warmer. That's where it came from, and it morphed into the look we have now.”