Rumors are circulating that the mother of Paul Walker’s daughter is unfit. After the “Fast & Furious” actor's death, many wondered what would happen to his teenage daughter, Meadow Rain. The Hawaii-native had reportedly just moved to California to be closer to her father when the 40-year-old actor's life was cut short in a car accident last November.

Months after his untimely death, Walker’s mother Cheryl Walker has allegedly accused her granddaughter’s mother, Rebecca Soteros, of being an alcoholic. TMZ reported that Walker’s mother wants full-guardianship over Meadow. The reports, however, all come from sources.

[Click here to see pictures of Meadow, courtesy of the New York Daily News]

TMZ said Meadow and Soteros are living with her, but that Soteros is unable to properly care for her daughter because she has a serious drinking problem. The news site previously reported that Walker’s former lover has two DUIs; one from 2003 and one from last year. She pleaded guilty to the one in 2003 and the case for the other is ongoing.

It was alleged that Soteros' reported alcohol abuse was the real reason Meadow, now 15, moved from Hawaii to be with Walker -- to get away from her mother’s problems with booze. Cheryl reportedly said she would be fit to take care of her granddaughter legally because she has raised four children, is a registered nurse and is a loving person.

Interestingly, Walker said he wanted his mother to be Meadow’s guardian in his will. So if she were granted custody, it would be in line with the actor’s last wishes. TMZ added that the new court documents filed by Cheryl claim Walker’s estate was worth $16 million, which is significantly less than the last document filed, which claimed that his wealth was estimated to be $25 million.

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