The blog People of Walmart is gaining extreme popularity on the web showcasing odd photos of all kinds of people seen shopping at Wal-Mart .

The blog showcases funny, unconventional and some mind-blowing photos of Walmart shoppers. Some of the blog's best photo gigs include a woman shopping with a monkey in her arms, an old men driving a cart and exposing his breast implants, a shopper with a goat and a lady with anomalous long nails. More photos feature unusual hairdos and weird outfits.

The site was loaded with over 1.2 million page views yesterday and crashed, the site's operators told on their Facebook page today. The idea behind the blog originated from two brothers Andrew and Adam who are in their 20's.

People of Walmart has become extremely popular after its promotion on sites like Digg, Funny or Die, Facebook and Twitter, CNN reports. It invites people to share their own photos of Walmart shoppers and even promotes a contest to win a $100 Walmart gift card.