The Eagles said goodbye to one of the cornerstones of their team today, Brian Westbrook.

Eagles coach Andy Reid said Westbrook, 30, was one of the all-time great Philadelphia Eagles but the Eagles coach would not give specific details as to why they were letting him go.

His termination from the Philadelphia Eagles becomes official on March 5.

Reid shared in a statement what it was like letting Westbrook go:

You know what, he had no weaknesses. There wasn't any one thing that you could pick out that he was not good at; he was brilliant. There are just certain guys that are just football smart and he was one of those guys.

You never had to tell him anything more than one time and it was done and you had confidence that it was going to be done. He's a great pass blocker, he's a great receiver and we all know he's a great runner. He can run inside, he can run outside, strong for his size; he was very, very strong. He gave you great flexibility there, Reid added.