Philip Seymour Hoffman Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman was recently treated for drug abuse. Above: Hoffman at the red carpet for a screening of "The Master" in 2012. Photo: Reuters

Philip Seymour Hoffman’s untimely death has sent chills up our spines ever since we heard the devastating news on Sunday, Feb. 2. According to law enforcements, the beloved actor was found dead in his Manhattan apartment after an apparent drug overdose. But nothing about his demise made the hair on the back of our necks stand up more than the surfacing of an eerie portrait taken of the Oscar-winning actor just two weeks prior to his death.

See Photo Of Philip Seymour Hoffman's Portrait Here

The tintype, wet collodion-style image shows a solemn and depleted-looking Hoffman posing for Associated Press photographer Victoria Will on Jan. 19 during the Sundance Film Festical in Park City, Utah. With bags under his sunken eyes and patches of scruff spreading from his face to his neck, we’re positive this is one haunting image that will surely stay with you throughout the day. And for Will -- perhaps even the rest of her life.

"I remember looking at him and thinking he didn't look well," a source told Us Weekly. "He didn't look like someone who took care of himself." The insider continued to explain that before Hoffman sat down during his session with Will, the legendary actor had just gotten into a heated debate with a member of the paparazzi. "He had gotten in an argument with a paparazzo outside," the source recalled. "It got ugly."

Philip Seymour Hoffman Philip Seymour Hoffman after winning for Best Actor in a Motion Picture-Drama for his role in the film "Capote" at the 63rd Annual Golden Globe Awards in 2006 Photo: Reuters

From the image of Hoffman, you could see how exhausted and drained of energy the late star looked in the photo. “He came very dressed down, not put together,” another eyewitness described his encounter with Hoffman. “But I remember seeing him smiling.”

We can’t say we’re surprised. Hoffman always had a knack of embodying every type of emotion to the very fullest. He had us giggling with his outrageous lines in "Along Came Polly" and picking our nail beds ferociously with anticipation in his "Capote" debut. With that, we think it’s safe to say Hoffman was a man of many faces and an actor who was able to exemplify each of his characters to the fullest -- one of his last ones being a role he really connected with.

While speaking to PopStopTV regarding his character in "A Most Wanted Man," Hoffman explained how easily he was able to relate to Günther Bachmann. "I connected a lot with him. I think it's hard for anyone not to connect with the loneliness. He's a pretty lonely, driven, obsessive guy who's unforgiving of himself in a lot of ways. [He has] a lot of traits a lot of people carry."