Philips on Sunday at International CES 2008 unveiled striking new design identity across its complete home entertainment range, including its latest blu-ray disc player and 7000 Flat tv series.

This year, Philips introduced the Philips' Design Collection saying what used to be a consumer electronic device is now a signature piece of furniture that helps define personal style and space.

The design language has moved away from a 'masculine technology box' to a smoother, more feminine approach that integrates seamlessly into the home environment, said Andrea Ragnetti, Philips' new consumer lifestyle chief executive officer.

Philips also announced a venture with Rhapsody to offer a subscription-based music service allowing consumers the choice to explore tracks to download on Philip's portable GoGear MP3 Players and Streamium home audio products.

The firm also introduced a new Blu-ray Disc player, available in April 2008 and its Flat TV ranges in 7000, 5000 and 3000 series.

Leading the series is the Ultimate Dream TV (52PFL7603D), a winner of the 2008 CEA Design and Engineering Award.

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