Phillip Garrido, the man who kidnapped Jaycee Lee Dugard, had a blog called target=_blank>'Voices revealed' which rather reveals his distorted mind.

Garrido,58, claims in his blog that he has the ability to speak in the tongue of angels to help ultimately to the salvation of the entire world, his blog says.  He also affirms to have the ability to control sound with his mind and claims he created a device to control the voices.

Far from saving the world, Garrido, kidnapped Jaycee Lee Dugard in 1991, when she was 11 years old and was heading to the bus stop near her home in South Lake Tahoe.  He kept her isolated in a shed in his house's backyard for 18 years until her public appearance this week.

He also fathered two children with her.

Jaycee Dugard and her two daughters ages 11 and 15, reportedly reunited with their family Thursday.

Prosecutors said Garrido will face at least 20 counts each in the crimes, the Contra Costa Times reported today.