There will be the first Pillow Fight World Cup in New York City tonight, ever. Contenders from the U.S., Austria, Sweden, and Japan will compete for the world championship title in pillow fighting in Brooklyn, New York.

PFWC aims to be a pure enterprise, a sport where women can engage in the competition without being objectified. PFWC is a joint endeavor between Brooklyn Artist Andrew Thompson, creator of Punk Rock Pillow Fight, and a group of Austrian women who wish for the slumber party showdown to become a respectable adult competition.

The feathery foil to PFWC is the six-year old Pillow Fight League, which doesn't shy from using its contenders' sex appeal to gain fans. Stacey Case, PFL founder, didn't take kindly to the upstart rival. He plans to stage his own international pillow fight tournament next year.

The PFWC rules, in accordance to the Austrians' training gym in Vienna, have two rounds of two-minute matches. Points are awarded for hits made to the body and head. Penalties are given for back-turning toward opponents and dropping to one knee.

Mr. Thompson has thrown pillow fight parties in warehouses and on rooftops with live music, events open to men and women.

Tonight's venue is at:
Warsaw Concerts
261 Driggs Ave in Greenpoint/Williamsburg
Brooklyn, NY

The door opens 7 pm, with bands The Controversy and Fake Hooker.
Tickets are $15 online and $20 at the door.

If you want to just have a pillow fight, with more or less 1,000 others, you may want to consider NYC's annual Pillow Fight Day, or conduct your own. Unfortunately, the International Pillow Fight Day has passed (April 2nd).