Pippa Middleton has a picture of her older sister Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, and her nephew Prince George as her phone screensaver. The 31-year-old columnist accidentally revealed her phone screen while leaving London through Heathrow Airport on July 24. A fellow traveler caught a glimpse of the doting aunt’s screensaver when she passed the brunette beauty at the escalator.

The royal fan, Grace Stroup, made the revelation on Twitter, after she spotted Pippa at the airport.

“Her lock screen was the future queen and king (Kate and George)!” Stroup added in another tweet. She had a brief encounter with Pippa when the writer rushed past her on an escalator, but did not forget her manners, People reported.

Stroup said that Pippa was extremely nice, lovely and polite. She was standing right behind the celebrity, when the latter pulled out her phone and her lock screen had a picture of George and Kate, smiling together looking just like a regular family. The fan said the picture was very cute.

The teenager added that Middleton had a grace about her and it was surreal to see her looking normal. The celeb was traveling solo, wearing blue jeans with ankle boots and “seemed in a rush to get to her gate.” The high school student could not wait to text her mom and her brother with the news. 

It is not known where the writer was traveling to, but Pippa is no stranger to airports. The high-flying celeb has recently returned from a trip to Kenya, where she completed her first full marathon. The younger sister of the Duchess of Cambridge completed the 42-km course of Tusk Trust’s Safaricom Marathon in just under four hours – placing her 30th overall out of the 200 competitors. She was also the first white female to complete the full marathon and finished seventh female overall.