Owling is now on the rise as the latest trend on Facebook. If it's not as thrilling as the popular Facebook fad, namely planking, what makes the new pose so trendy?

It's probably the improved awkwardness in watching owlers, or their photos, where you can see their faces when they are posing in quite an unusual position. While plankers lie straight down like a wooden plank, owlers sit in a perched position while looking off into the distance just like an owl.

Hilary Duff joined the flock, tweeting a photo of her squatting down on top of her dining table. Don't wanna hit Carmaggedon so I'm just owling all weekend, said her tweet. A number of celebrities such as Chris Brown, Katy Perry and Justin Bieber had jumped on the planking craze.

As Planking 2.0, owling is gaining its fans. On Facebook, dozens of owling communities were created, and thousands of photos were posted.

Here is a slideshow of selected photos of people owling and planking, with the third trend hinted at the end.

Will you join the flock?

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