Planking, the art of lying straight down to mimic a wooden plank to surprise and amuse people, has become a Facebook sensation, despite the danger it poses, and its popularity is now being threatened by a similar game or activity called Owling.

Planking, also known as the 'lying down' game or activity, is becoming popular worldwide. The activity includes lying stiff, face down in an unusual or incongruous position with hands touching the sides of the body. The photograph of the person, or the 'planker' is then taken and posted on the Web, especially Facebook. You got a body, you got a Plank, the saying goes.

But Planking has a new rival. It's called Owling, and it's threatening to overtake Planking as the No.1 fad on Facebook. Owling involves sitting or rather crouching in an owl-like posture, and the more bizarre or unusual the location, the better it is.

Start the slideshow to watch the best Planking and Owling photos from around the world. See, enjoy, compare, but be careful. Both Planking and Owling can be dangerous.

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