While some people dream of becoming a firefighter, archaeologist or an astronaut, being a surgeon is definitely a worthy career to pursue. If “Operation” is too low-tech for you, “Surgeon Simulator 2013” is your answer. The free game is available online and will let you perform virtual surgeries.

“Surgeon Simulator 2013” is a game developed by Bossa Studios and is simple enough; you are a surgeon tasked to perform a heart surgery. Each finger is individually controlled. Keystrokes and mouse movements control the hand that performs the surgery, which means that it’s almost as difficult as performing a real surgery. Luckily, no patient’s life is in your hands and if you cringe at the buzzing sound caused by touching the edge of the patient’s body in “Operation,” this game may not be for you.

According to Forbes, “Surgeon Simulator 2013” was created in just 48 hours for Global Game Jam, an annual hackathon that took place last weekend. Developers from around the world come together to design and create videogames and are given 48 hours to create something. Last year’s Global Game Jam had 242 locations in 47 countries, and developers created 2,000 games.

“Surgeon Simulator 2013” is particularly difficult because the player needs to figure out how to coordinate all 10 moving parts into something functional. Forbes notes how difficult it was just to grab surgical tools.

Videos are already popping up on YouTube that run the gamut from success to utter failure. “Surgeon Simulator 2013” does not look impossible to complete, victory meaning a successful heart surgery, but it does look very challenging. It also features blood and organs, naturally, so the faint of heart and squeamish people may think twice about trying on some virtual surgical gloves.

You can play “Surgeon Simulator 20143” online for free here. A video of someone successfully performing virtual surgery can be viewed below.