Potato Salad Kickstarter And 12 Other Weird Campaigns That Were Actually Funded

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Potato Salad Kickstarter Zack “Danger” Brown wanted to make potato salad and needed $10 to do it. So he posted on Kickstarter and ended up getting nearly $40,000 in just five days.  Kickstarter

Zack “Danger” Brown wanted to make potato salad and needed $10 to do it. So he posted on Kickstarter and ended up getting nearly $40,000 in just five days.

“I really wanted to make potato salad, but am not at a point in my life where I could assume that level of risk,” he told ABC News.

With his new crowdsourced fortune, the Columbus, Ohio, resident says he will create potato salad merchandise, a potato salad recipe book and even host a potato salad party during the Labor Day weekend where “the whole Internet is invited.” Brown said anyone who donated $1 will get a "thank you" on his website, a picture of him making the potato salad and a shout-out while he makes the potato salad, which will be live streamed. Those who donated $3 will get "a bite" of potato salad. $10 donors can join him while he makes the potato salad, $20 gets a personal potato salad haiku and $25 gets a potato salad-themed hat.

Of course, others have followed his lead, like a British Kickstarter user who created a campaign to make coleslaw following potato salad’s success.

“Potato Salad is basically just a fallback for when people with taste have eaten all the coleslaw. Don't let these potato lovers win,” Gary Howard wrote.

Of course, potato salad is not the weirdest Kickstarter campaign that ever graced the crowdfunding website --

let alone generated tons of money. Here are 12 other bizarre Kickstarter campaigns that were actually funded.

1. Period Panties: $404,763

Underwear with sayings like: “Bleeder of the Pack,” “Bloody Hell,” “Sour Puss” and more.

Period Panties Kickstarter Kickstarter  Kickstarter

2. Unique Wooden Handbag: $37,422

Exactly what it sounds like.

Wooden Handbag Kickstarter Kickstarter  Kickstarter

3. Meat Soap: $1,905

Soap that smells like bacon.

Meat Soap Kickstarter Kickstarter  Kickstarter

4. Right To Bear Arms Shirt: $15,257

A T-shirt with a play on words about the Second Amendment with furry bear arms.

Bear Arms Kickstarter Kickstarter  Kickstarter

5. My Little Demon Plush: $28,487

This businesswoman “rescues” exorcised demons and creates stuffed animals.

Demon Plush Kickstarter Kickstarter  Kickstarter

6. The Vegan Zombie Cookbook: $43,572

Because if you’re stuck in a zombie apocalypse, you’re going to want to stick to your vegan diet.

Vegan Zombie Cookbook Kickstarter Kickstarter  Kickstarter

7. The Dream Hoodie: $31,581

A hoodie with a detachable eye cover made for travelers.

Dream Hoodie Kickstarter Kickstarter  Kickstarter

8. The Piano is the Champagne: $2,975

These artists wanted to drop a grand piano on a stack of champagne glasses for the sake of art.

Piano Champagne Kickstarter Kickstarter  Kickstarter

9. THINX underwear: $64,811

Leak-proof and stain-proof underwear to decrease the use of tampons around the world.

THINX Underwear Kickstarter Kickstarter  Kickstarter

10. World’s Largest Jockstrap: $854

At least the creator is making it for The Guinness Book of World Records.

Largest Jockstrap Kickstarter Kickstarter  Kickstarter

11. Detroit Needs A Statue of Robocap: $67,436

Looks like the city will get their statue.

Robocop Statue Kickstarter Kickstarter  Kickstarter

12. Chicken Burrito: $1,050

A guy was just asking for $8 to try a chicken burrito from Chipotle.

Chicken Burrito Kickstarter Kickstarter  Kickstarter

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