Hopes are running high that the record $425 million Powerball drawing could become bigger before the Wednesday night’s draw.

Apparently, the lottery officials were contemplating a boost in the Powerball jackpot that had jumped $100 million from Saturday drawing, Chuck Strutt, director of the Multi-State Lottery Association, told USA Today.

"Sunday sales were phenomenal. We want to look at sales at the end of midnight Monday and then make a decision."

The odds of players winning the Wednesday night draw appears to be one in 175 million despite sharp sales reported across the country.

The size of the jackpot is typically based on sales, estimated sales and payouts. When the jackpots jump to nine-digit levels, it sets off a frenzied buying. In fact, sales appear higher in several states owing to the growing size of the lottery that has rolled over 16 times during the Thanksgiving weekend and travelers purchasing tickets, USA Today has pointed out.

Even if Wednesday’s Powerball jackpot were to increase, it is not expected to come close to $656 million jackpot paid out in April. The jackpot is noted for having grown several times before the numbers were picked on three tickets.